Cari Champion From ESPN’s “First Take” SUCKS!!!!!

I’m not trying to be mean, but you guys gave her a chance. She tried, now it’s time to go. She knows NOTHING about sports, she is annoying, and she misses her cues constantly. She’s pretty, and I’m sure she will be good on the today show……but honestly ESPN! Either fire her or fire your program director, because its getting painful to watch. She takes away the quality and integrity of First Take. How do you expect us sports fans to take u guys seriously, when u have a giggling, brain dead, bimbo giggling and irritating the audience?…………..Oh, I almost forgot……Get rid of that fucking horrible intro song too.

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87 thoughts on “Cari Champion From ESPN’s “First Take” SUCKS!!!!!

  1. Robert Simms

    I couldn’t agree with you more. She is a true ditz. She’s painful to listen to. Jemel should have given the opportunity to moderate. One other thing, I don’t find her the least bit attractive.

    • She’s getting worse by the day too. One other thing……….get rid of that god awful intro rap/song or whatever the fuck u call that pile of unintelligible shit. “Say what say what what’s wrong with all these haters”………. I’ll tell you what’s wrong dummy! We can’t understand a word your saying. Speak English!

    • Hugh Jorgan

      she looks like a prostitute.

    • T~bone

      I thought I heard it all… Today, when trying to bring up the topic for debate, on the OKC vs San Antonio, with Ibaka (obviously as we all know, from OKC), her dumbness, while reading off notes, said, “Stephen A. Naismaith, Can the Spurs actually beat, OKC, without Ibaka”…After a long pause, SAS got a confused look on his face and said “What, is this some type of trick question?” Skip helped her along, and said, “You mean the other way around”. She quickly re-read her notes, and said, Oh, “can they beat the spurs without Ibaka?” Not only does this waste of an employment seat for a competent sports bradcaster not know whom plays for which team, the dumb Bitc* can not even read the questions properly from the cue cards that the producers have to work overtime to make for her, since she has NO CLUE! SHE HAS GOT TO GO!!!

  2. oh well

    I thought I was the only one that thought she is terrible…not even good or OK, but literally terrible.

  3. Pie and Some Beans

    I could not have said it any better than any of you. She is one of the worst hosts of any program on any channel at any time!!! I liked Jay Crawford.

  4. Joe

    I totally agree. Carii makes DAILY mistakes and her timing seems to be off most of the time. It’s just an awkward situation. Cindy Brunson would’ve been great. Jemel Hill was very good when she debated Skip, but she sometimes got too opinionated as a moderator. Jay Crawford was an excellent moderator. Cari is in way over her head! She needs to go back to the Tennis Channel.

  5. Today when Skip said Philadelphia had a draft pick she corrected him by saying, “no, the Eagles have that pick”. She is completely clueless and half the time isn’t even paying attention to what’s going on betwen Skip and Stephen A – that’s why she says half the stupid things that come out of her mouth. I agree, Jemel would have been a much better choice.

    • When she speaks, I turn the channel

      • Thomas

        I am with you digs, only difference is, I mute the volume, and unmute only when I see Stephen or Skips lips moving. The only problem is, there is no way to shut her mouth while they are debating, she constantly interrupts from the peanut gallery. I sometimes feel like the Preacher must be speaking, with all of her “yeah, aha, that’s right” comments coming from her in the background. The most annoying of all, is that Bothersome fake laugh, at nearly everything Stephen says!
        It has been over a year of her now, so I am assuming that they signed her to a new contract. We may be stuck with her, but ESPN is going to lose viewers. There is only so much of this woman that a person, myself included, can tolerate.

    • jay-j

      Dave there are so many other times she screws up I’m not saying she shouldn’t be on tv but not this type of show she seems like she should be on the news

    • Thomas

      lol, I saw that one. My favorite of all time when SAS and Skip were putting a grade on a performance of a team. ( I do not remember which team). Skip gave the performance a “C”, and explained his reasoning for the grade. SAS gave it a “B+”. Needless to say, the debate got a bit heated as they tried to justify their grades. When it was time to move on, Cari jumped in to try and moderate her way to a commercial. Her ending the debate, was to try and find a happy medium grade. She said, “Ok, gentleman, we have to move on, so lets agree to take the average, and give them a “C -“, and tried to go to a commercial. Skip was visibly laughing, and Stephen A . cut her off from going to commercial, asking her how a C and a B+ = a C-. She tried to talk her way out of it, but SAS wouldn’t let her off so easy. She defended her math, and broke to commercial, leaving SAS scratching his head in confusion. I laughed all the way through the commercials at the ignorance of the woman.

  6. burter

    The Song doesn’t bother me at all, mainly cause I like rap, haha. But yea she sucks bad. I’m just tired of her giggling, saying huh uh, hmmmm hmmmm and other annoying things. And anytime they bring up the Lakers, I know I’m going to hear all of that and more from her. She doesn’t understand what her role is. I’m tired of it for sure. It’s to the point that I put it on mute anytime they talk about Lakers (not like I like the Lakers anyways).

    • jay-j

      I like rap but the song kind of played out and cari got to go my vote would be charissa thompson

  7. Aaron R

    I am glad im not the only one who finds her to be awful… I too hate it when she says “hmm hmm” and “yeah”… and then sometimes she’ll just repeat exactly what skip says.. Cari, we are aware that you know nothing about sports, so quit trying to play it off like you do.

    Oh and the intro song is awful, i mute my TV for the first couple minutes of the show.

    Oh and the Oprah voice is F**king annoying as well!!!! It was funny the first time, but now she does all the time.

    There is no reason for her to even be on that show, she adds nothing. She must be banging Skip.

  8. Telsa Nicilo

    HORRIBLE, why was this skank given this job to begin with? Anyone in the position of hiring qualified personnel could clearly determine that this dirt leg has NO skills in moderating, no sense of timing, unable to properly read from the teleprompter without staring a whole through it, and lastly(I know I left out plenty) this bubblehead knows Nothing about sports. Her disingenuous uuhhuhhs feigning her knowledge of whats being said is sooo painful. Whoever hired this loon should be shown the door, along with this brain dead dope.

  9. Simmons

    First Take sucks. Skip and Stephen A are jackass scrubs that simply make stupid faces and shout. Who gives a shit how many mistakes the host makes? The show is the bottom of the barrel and a good place for new broadcasters to gain experience.

  10. Christian

    I don’t like to use this word, but I really hate that woman. She’s fucking annoying every time she opens her mouth. I listen to the podcasts so I don’t care what she look like because she’s the worst. Ever since they change the studio and moderator, the show is getting worse by the day. I miss the with Jay Crawford, he was the perfect. I also believe the show was better when they had other debaters, like Jalen Rose, Chris Broussard, Cris Carter and others. Now, it gets kinda boring because th argument is stagnant and there’s nothing new to the show.

  11. Christian

    Oh and I forgot the most annoying thing about Cari. When she all the fucking time, it pisses me off. When SAS or Bayless makes a comment, she has to, for some reason, open her mouth a make that awful unprofessional laugh.

  12. Telsa Nicilo

    She’s unbearable. She dumb as a box of rocks. No knowledge whatsoever regarding sports. Not that it’s relevant, but I don’t find her attractive as some have mentioned. That’s not important though. Her knowledge of sports and her ability to moderate is, but she just plain incompetent. Actually Painful.

  13. Roy Rodgers

    Haha. I’m watching the show as I speak, for all the wrong reasons. Notice champions eyes when conversation is taken place. Her eyes just begin wandering to the camera, grabs her pen as if a profound thought has entered her empty head, then mumbling some idiotic response that nobody at the table pays attention to. Her timing is sooo bad it makes one cringe with uncomfortable responses. The moron knows zip about sports. She does no research on the topics or people who are to be discussed. She’s just so horrible all my friends and I who used to enjoy the show have stopped watching, unless only to drop in for a minute to get a few laughs as only chumpion can provide.

  14. Vicious Pie with some Onions and Bean Dip that you need to get down with so don't even play because I'm gangsta like that so hand me the French fries and get down

    Who at ESPN watches her everyday and think that she actually does a good job? Cari Champion is downright irritating. Her voice is so “nails on the chalkboard” and not only does she not add anything to the show, she actually takes away the fun dynamic of it. She repeats things, she talks to much. She’s not even cute to look at, which I am assuming is what they were going for. She may be fun to hang out and have nachos with, not saying she’s a bad person. She just absolutely sucks at her job and anyone with half a brain can see it. I don’t want her to lose her job, just reassign her to something else and bring back Jay Q. Crawford!

    • Juan Rodgers

      Your on the money. She adds Zero to any dicussion that takes place. Her voice makes my ears bleed! She’s as dumb as you could possibly find concerning sports. I mean c’mon, she adds Nothing to the discussion other than parroting something others have pointed out. When on the rare occasion she does express her point of view, it’s just so far in left field. Just another example of her putting that huge foot of her in her mouth. Just bloody awful, and as for the song ? Dumb. Who puts this show together and how can they possibly think its worth watching??

    • Armand Assilli

      I understand she came over from the Tennis Channel. That got me thinking could she have possibly sucked as bad there as she does on First Take? I just can’t imagine her being competent on any show dealing with sports. No. Make that Any show. The ill timed responses, that G_d awful laugh, the head bobbing uunhuhhs in her feeble attempts to appear as if she understands the topic being discussed, her parroting of comments that have already been made by others, I could go on all day. Anyway, whoever hired this bubblehead is no better than she is. One can’t recognize talent, and the other processes none.

  15. rapbrown

    The lying they lying.. and what the fuck I’m saying… you right I’m a fan ot hip hop. And that nigga is garbage

  16. Jarrett Clark

    She never has an opinion, or follows up with questions as to why Skip or Steven A. feel the way the do about comments. Jay Crawford did to all the time. Most of the time all you here is “Mmm hmm” or a “yeah”. Like what is that. Jemele Hill would have been an excellent replacement for Jay Crawford or even the woman from sports nation, I think her name is Christa or something

  17. ivan

    There was actually one show where Stephen A. was speaking and the camera panned over to Ms. Airhead & she was playing with her stomach! WTF!!!!!!! They should have kept Charissa Thompson or Cindy Brunson & I thought Jemele Hill did an excellent job for the brief time she was moderator

  18. John faust

    Cari Champion is a worthless ex-prostitute, current whore who sucked alot of penis with those big monkey lips and her 10 pounds of fake hair. I dont even know if that peice of gorilla shit is female. It looks like a man, snatch the wig off and your looking at rob parker Lol. That ho needs to go back to turning tricks in compton because she/he has the iq of an ape, it looks like one too.

  19. Anthony L. Summers

    Obviously, the derogatory and racesis
    statements made about Cari are very
    egregious and made by a Hater. They
    are devoid of any editorial acumen
    because what she can’t ascertain from
    the laptop she has, she is connected to
    a lot of knowledgable people through the ear piece she wears. Cari’s job is
    not defined by her sports acumen, but
    to be an extension of her producer to
    delegate dialogne. Whoever made the
    those comments about Cari is stuck on
    stupid and clueless.

  20. It’s blatantly obvious that these knuckleheads that made derogatory statements about Cari, are totally clueless in their perceptions as to what her job entails and what role she is expected to exemplify. I think she does a great job interjecting dialogne between Steven A. and Skip, because some of their argument leave a lot to be desired. I think all this negativity is a conspiracy because either Steven A. or Skip want her job because they don’t like working with a Lady in that capacity. They even show her the necessary respect. The egregious and ignorant statements made relative to Cari are more misogynistic in nature as
    oppose to facts. Those negative people need to go find something they don’t have. A life.

    • Cari Sucks

      Interjecting dialogue? That’s funny. An empty headed ill timed cackle does not qualify as dialogue. When she does try to formulate some sort of cogent response it generally isn’t pertinent to the conversation being absolutely No sense. She’s ill-prepared, knows nothing on any subject being discussed, hypnotized to the monitor as she struggles to read the teleprompter, and always so quick to claim credit of any topic raised on the show. For you guys that think she’s hot, look again. She merely looks like a nasty dirt-leg seen walking the streets.

      • It’s getting worse by the day. I am completely dumbfounded as to how she still has a job

  21. Donny

    I don’t like her. Who says she’s pretty? Not me. She is annoying, giggles (more like guffaws) too much and her sports knowledge is nil. This is what makes a woman attractive to me; I don’t know about you guys. One who is pleasant to look at, knows just enough about sports to appease me (or you), and is not silly. It ain’t her! Bring back Jemele!

  22. ross

    She is absolutely painful to listen to! I am shocked she has lasted this long.

  23. JJ

    I realize that you signed her to a contract and would have to pay her even if you fired her, but for god’s sakes cut your losses and hit the eject button. Stop the bleeding.

    And the theme song is just shamefull. You got robbed paying for that piece of annoying garbage. I would rather listen to The Facts Of Life theme song.

  24. Ed

    Shes really annoying to watch and hear.. With here annoying intro of ‘how are yoooouuuuu?’. She adds nothing to the show but ‘hmmm’, ‘uhhh huhhh’. She needs to go.

  25. Andrew

    That is it. I am done. I have been watching this show every day since it started, but this past year with Cari and my frustrations with her, have left me no choice but vow to watch it no more. The mmm-hmmm’s from the background, the “yea’s”, the constant interruptions have done it for me, as it has long ago for many of my friends. The fake laugh (which I think is a nervous laugh) is very unprofessional.
    When she says “My Lakers”, it is sickening. I guarantee that without that computer in front of her, this woman could not name 3 of the 5 starters, and 3 reserves, on “her Lakers”. I blame the higher ups for this mess. She is a moderator, bring up a topic, and shut up. I say again, M-O-D-E-R-A-T-0-R!! Somehow, from day one, she thought that she was the star of the show. The producers should have turned off her mic while others were talking. The only reason I stuck with this show so long after she got there, was because I was sure she would be fired, but it seems ESPN is sticking with her. A damn shame, ruined a great show, and losing many viewers because of her.

  26. I can't stand her

    SHE NEEDS TO SHUT UP! I am watching right now, and she is getting worse! It is hard to enjoy the debates when she is constantly interrupting. She has out done herself today; I do not have a clue as to how the ESPN bosses can allow her to be out of control. She needs to understand her job title, and read her job description.

  27. A nice break

    Today Skip, Stephen A., and that nasty woman are not on the show. They have a guest moderator, with Ryan Roucco, and Coachman debating. There is no laptop for the moderator to stick his face in to try to find stats, like the sea hag does constantly, to pretend not to be so ignorant. It is refreshing that the guest moderator is not cutting everyone off, nor is he yelling, and laughing to try and be the center of attention, like her disgustingness does. The show seems so smooth without the background Mmmmm-Hmmmm’s, and aha’s coming from that rag after every statement made by another. My New years wish is that the producers are observing how much better the show is without that obnoxious, trashy, attention seeking, piece of garbage so called moderator that they hired in error, and replace that sorry woman. Have a nice day.

  28. Crapion

    My wife said Cari Crapion looks like an ugly Olive Oyl, from Popeye. (BTW, what is up with those awful ass glasses that she has been sporting?)

  29. I miss Jay Crawford

    As Skip and Stephen A. are discussing the NCAA championship game, that woman looks totally lost. I will bet everything I own, that she did not even watch the game last night.

    • She is lost on a constant basis. That laugh of hers is turning me into a mental case!! Today her favorite line was “ya ya that’s what I was gonna say”……….bitch you weren’t gonna say anything so quit lying! How in gods name can the bosses at ESPN let this continue ?

      • Disgusted

        She is also a habitual sentence finisher, she will listen to others making a point, and when she finally understand what is going on, she will throw in last word of sentence, to pretend she knew the fact also.
        Ie…. Skip, ” Last night, Tom Brady had 4 touchdown passes, to no interceptions, he should be amongst the players in the running…..” Cari, “For MVP”…..ffs, shut up, and let the man finish talking. I swear, skip is extremely patient with her, there are many times I have seen her interrupt him, and he just stooped talking, took a deep breathe, and continued. You are correct, ESPN, owned by Disney has become HUGE over the past 30 years, how in the hell could they let someone like her slip through the cracks and get on a show. My God, she came from the Tennis channel! I do not ever recall my guys debating tennis on the show, so she has no clue of the big 4 sports!

        I am glad that you started this discussion page. For a while I thought that I was the only one that could see this woman is an amateur, looks like a street walker! I am literally laughing at your comment about her laugh making you a mental case. I suffer from the same symptom. I have angrily pushed the button on the remote to change channel when she starts that God awful pretend laugh, I have thrown remotes, and have even a few times it was time to go do laundry, or change the oil, as there was no reason to leave tv turned on while her nasty ass was there ruining what for 10 years, had been my favorite show.

        I have emailed the show several times, to ask for a challenge with her at Sports trivial pursuit. Doesn’t have to be aired, I will fly myself there, pay my own trip, but when a novice sports fan wins, it shall prove to them that there is no reason, that us watching their channel to gain knowledge of our favorite sports, should not be listening to someone that knows nothing about it. I do not know about you guys, but in the past, when I went for a job interview, I had to take a test, math, mechanics, personality,,,,, whatever. If the Big wigs were to give that dunce a 50 question test, even about general sports history, friends, I am telling you, she would score no higher than 30% (and that is provided there were a few Tennis questions). Sure, they wont let me play Sports trivia with her, but how about let me call in, while she is on the air, take out her ear piece, close the laptop, and ask her 5, just 5, questions that 99% of sports fans could answer? There is a reason that they would not allow that. If I were in charge of a huge entity as ESPN, I would have no worries about allowing that. They wouldn’t think twice about allowing Stephen A., Skip, Boomer, Mel Kieper, or the other experts to accept that challenge, but they know damn well she would make an ass of herself when misses 4 out of 5, and makes them look bad!

        Sorry for rattling, a good place to vent. I need a drink and a blood pressure pill.

      • Hahaha! We all feel your pain brother. Well said man. Did u see that odd statement she made at the end of today’s show? It was about Dennis Rodmans outburst. She literally made the producers stop the show at the end as she put on her ridiculous “serious” face and babbled a bunch of shit. My neighbors must think I’m insane from all my yelling at the TV. Good god she gotta go!!

      • digs344 for president

        I have seen her temper tantrums, and when she makes them stop the show before. She is very insecure, and I think that she knows that she is in over her head. You know they type, we have all worked with them. New guy comes in, fresh out of college as a boss, tries to tell workers that been there 20 years how to do their jobs. When they show him up, he gets defensive, and makes himself look even more stupid, as is the case with Cari ChUmpion. So many times near the end of the show, she makes an ass of herself, and when she realizes she is stupid, stops and says “that’s it folks, we gotta go”. No Bitch, YOU gotta go!

      • Hahahahaha

      • BTW a lot of Bristol IP addresses check out this blog daily!!! I guess her co- workers are fed up as well.

  30. digs344 for president

    Oh yea, I used to love to wake up to this show. Lucky for me I went out last night, drank to much, and slept through it, so didn’t have to wake my neighbors yelling as you did today. When I awoke, felt like hell, but when I found I had missed the show, it was like a blessing, I didn’t have to see that skank.

  31. Please fire that rag

    The end of last week, the last couple of days, she was very quiet, I figured the producers told her to shut up, or even better, was hoping she was humble because she knew she was on her way out. But nah, Today she is once again her obnoxious, out of line piece of garbage. Only reason she is quiet right now, is because as usual, she is desperately searching on her computer, so she can find a stat, that she can yell out about the debate, as if she is in the know.

    • She can’t even read the Teleprompter correctly. She flubs words every time she opens her trap! It’s unbearable

  32. Off the subject...

    What the hell is Pam Oliver doing on the air? She looks like a worn out crack whore, and in the limited part she has, she seems confused. When watching the Seattle/SF game tonight, it solidified my opinion of her, she looks worse than ever! Yikes, I am going to have nightmares!
    Even Erin Andrews looked like hell tonight, does FOX sports not send a make up person, or in Pam’s case, a HAIR DRESSER, and a plastic surgeon???

    • They both did look rough, I noticed!! At least they say things somewhat intelligent though. Not once has Mrs. Champion ever muttered anything remotely logical or intelligent. Not once

  33. Winz305

    I like Jay Crawford better. I don’t know how Carrie got this job.? She really doesn’t know anything about sports and never had follow ups to anything. She loves to cut off skip and Stephen A. from a very good debate and NEVER let’s them finish their thoughts or sentence. There is much more that I can go on about but everyone who reads this blog knows how clueless this woman is, beautiful but clueless. I pretty much quit watching the show now and I used to love that show.

    • She is out of her class

      Your thoughts are intelligent about the show. But I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have heard others say she was pretty, and I have tried to figure out what they saw in her, and I am lost. First off, she has a weave, take out the weave, and she has very little hair on her melon. Her nose seems to be all over her face. Hell, if you are going to pay for a weave, may as well invest in a nose job! Her smile is fake as hell, she is posing for the camera. Hell, Jamelle Hill puts CC to shame. Not only does she have a real smile, and big beautiful eyes, most importantly, SHE ACTUALLY KNOWS A LOT ABOUT SPORTS!!!
      I have mentioned this on here before, I wish ESPN would let me call her (it doesn’t even have to be on the air), and ask her 10 sports questions. 2 each from BB, FB, Baseball, Hockey, and NASCAR, I would even make the questions common knowledge, nothing difficult. I am convinced, at best, she may get 1, maybe 2 right. Obviously, this will never happen, because it would show ESPN made a huge mistake hiring her, and embarrass her because of her ignorance. I would even challenge ESPN to ask me 10 questions, and when I prove I will hit at least 8, they should take the right person for the job, dismiss her, and let that best person have the job that she is sitting in for some unknown reason.

      • I’m not a racist person, but the only logical explanation for her current employment has to be affirmative action. In no way do I want to sound like a bigot, but that has to be the only reason because she is So dreadfully awful at her job.

      • T~Bone

        A friend of mine and I were talking, and we discussed she must have gotten in under the affirmative action law, but we decided that could not be the case. Affirmative action act was set in place to company’s that are not diverse, or do not give equal opportunity to minorities. That is not the case with ESPN, they are very equal. She slipped through the cracks somehow, whether she has something on someone, “knows” someone in upper management (if you know what I mean), or it was just an awful decision to bring her on, and someone has too much pride to let her go. No matter what the case, we seem to be stuck with her if we want to continue to watch the show.

      • Well said. Ya I hate even bringing up the whole Affirmative Action thing, so yes….she prob fucked her way to the top.

      • BTW, I have no issue with Affirmative Action. Just wanted to make that clear with y’all……..Cari Champion on the other hand…….I Have Big Problems With!

  34. Cari’s da Bomb!!! All the people that are hatin on my girl, are pure and simple “Hetrophobes”. She’s fine! Roll TIDE!!!

  35. Don't Hate

    It’s unfortunate that most of you Cari haters have totally missed the point. Her job is a horrible job to have. Sitting between two arrogant loud mouth fake debaters like Stephen A and Skip for two hours is a nightmare. Only someone like cari, who is a relative newbie in entertainment, who needs the job to build a resume would take it. I think that’s why Jay Crawford wanted out. He was way too knowledgeable to have to sit between guests and Skip and be expected to just moderate. It got worse when they added Stephen A on a permanent basis (the show was better when he was only on in small doses). The only positive to Stephen A is that he is not afraid to call Skip out on his bullshit. Otherwise, no one else can get a word in edge wise since he joined the show. He drones on and on and cuts everyone else off. He thinks he’s a master of the English language and communication yet he hasn’t yet figured out that you don’t buffer a point you buttress it; or that if you specifically say something or make a point you have not alluded to it. Stephen A gets on my nerves with his annoying attitude and always trying to speak for Black people. And I’m Black.

    Anyway, back to Cari. She is bad but I cut her a break because the job is horrible and thankless. Stephen A and Skip have treated her with obvious disrespect and condescension from day one; and it’s only moderately improved. Jay was way too knowledgeable and so were most of the other temporary hosts. Jemelle Hill is less eye candy then Cari is but the job is beneath Jemelle. She is one of the most knowledgeable sports people they had on the show and the moderator job is far beneath her as well. If it weren’t for a similar desire to build name recognition, make nice with ESPN (which dominates sports TV) and expand her brand, I’m sure she wouldn’t be co-hosting Numbers Never Lie with that idiot Michael Smith. It’s not Jemelle’s fault that she had to step in to replace the other guy that got fired because of the ugly public altercation with the idiot Michael Smith.

  36. bob smith

    I use to love this show but the format has gone to hell. Please get Carrie off the show. Her interruptions are the only thing she brings ….. Mark my words, in two years this show will be off the air.

  37. ESPNfan

    After nearly year and a half, Cari Champion is still very annoying and still makes a lot of mistakes mixing up names or just getting them wrong. Like getting Michigan and Michigan St. mixed up, calling college football athlete’s Pro Day a Pro Bowl Day, or mixing up Skip and Stephen’s names up, and so many more to list.

    But she still constantly says “yeah, uh huh, mmhmm, etc.” while others are talking and it’s unbearably annoying. She sounds like she’s listening to a preacher.

    She’s so transparent in trying to get attention in front of camera. She would make some unnecessary comment or “yeah, uh huh, mmhmm” then peeks over to the camera to see if she’s in the shot.

    She still tries to make dumb jokes to get attention which is never funny and only makes things awkward. And she sounds like she fake laughs to get more attention like when she’s trying to impress some guy she likes by laughing at his jokes when it’s not funny. 99.9% of the time she’s laughing, she’s laughing alone because it’s really not funny and she’s just trying to get more attention by making noise.

    Any of the replacements or substitute moderators are way better than Cari Champion and a lot more professional!

  38. ESPNfan

    Ugh, Cari Champion was more annoying than ever today. She probably broke her personal record for most annoying and unnecessary “uh huh, mmhmm, yeah” especially with guests Leila Ali and Marlon Wayans.

    What’s so apparent is how she’s trying to get attention and always looks and peeks at camera to see if she’s in the shot, especially after a loud “uh huh” to get attention or steal spotlight while debaters are talking.

    Was even more annoying after the question was asked to Skip about Jerry Jones making comment about Cowboys being a high rating team on TV. Skip starts by saying, “Stephen A Smith” then before Skip continues or Stephen says anything in response, Cari says a loud “uh huh”, laughs, then says she’s responding for Stephen, and laughs more as she looks at camera in efforts to tease Skip about Cowboys and poor attempt at being funny.

    She even makes a mistake on reading a 4 word twitter quote. It was a Brandon Spike’s 2nd twitter about being in the Bills after 4 years in Patriots saying “4 years a slave”. And Cari reads the quote as “4 years of slave”.

    I don’t know if I can take much more of this no matter how much I like to hear Skip and Stephen’s take on current sports topics. But good to have other shows that talk about the same topics like, SportsNation, Numbers Never Lie, Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, and Highly Questionable” to fall back on where no one on those show even remotely falls on the category of annoying like Cari Champion. Any show without Cari Champion is less soul draining and much more fun to watch!

    • The very first thing she said in the opening, she screwed up. Today was aweful! What is espn thinking?

    • Is so pleasant and smooth running when she doesn’t show up to work. The entire show changes for the better. It’s getting soooooo bad, please espn, we are begging you. Get rid of her

  39. Cari Champion is terrible , the one point that every one agrees on, she knows nothing about sports .those who watch first n Take are usually knowledgeable sports fans and to watch her is a insult.

  40. dick sanders

    cari champion honestly gives me heartburn every time she speaks. She always says stuff in the background that is un needed because she knows nothing about sports. Listening to her talk is like windshield wipers wiping with no rain. Please for the love of god bring back jemele hill she actually knew shit about sports.

  41. Leslie Gipson

    I am a huge sports fan and I tune in almost daily to watch First Take. She is a smart woman who breaks up the male dominated show. Carrie is an excellent facilitator. She graduated from one of the best schools in the country.
    We all have opinions and this is mine.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha………you def don’t watch daily if that’s you’re opinion. She’s god awful.

  42. T~bone

    Digs, I am losing it here. I went to 3rd shift after months on first, so I get to watch First Take when I get home from work. The nightmare continues where it left off. I can not believe that in the few months I haven’t watched the show, she could possibly have gotten worse, but she did. The small comments are worse than ever, she is throwing in comments before the guys even finish their sentences. And I have had it when she moderates to end a topic, and says “lets move on SHALL WE?” and then comes right back with, “lets talk about (names the subject) and then again, SHALL WE? OMG! I bullshit you not, as I am typing she just said SHALL WE again!!


    • Oh she’s been on her anti depressants big Time the last two days. Worse than I’ve ever seen. Yesterday she screeched and yelled at herm Edwards “c’mon coach get over here it’s yours turn to be on the TV”…… Right as they going into commercial. Skip and SAS have completely had it with her stupidity and lack of skills u can tell. Ohhhhhh and her fucking rants on racism makes me want to punch her in the face.. Sorry

  43. She sits there with that same stupid look on her face, she laughs at everything SAS says, like he’s some kind of comic genius, she can’t read, she can’t transition, she shuffles the same god damn piece of paper all morning, fuck!!! I can’t take it!!!

  44. Please fire that rag

    LMAO! You are killing me! We, and not just you and I, all notice the same things about her ignorance! I too wonder, what the hell is she doing with that paper, and why is she constantly writing on it? Probably making a damn grocery list! ESPN has the best sports people in the world, how the hell did she slip through the cracks and get her ugly self on the air???

  45. T~Bone

    I am with ya digs, All for affirmative action, it is only right. It does need some tweaking though. I am sometimes baffled when Minorities complain, and the NFL has a rule that when interviewing for a new head coach (I think the NBA also) has to at least interview 1 minority prospect. Some of the advocates want that 50% of all coaches and GM’s should be African American. That is borderline having to hire not the best man for the job, but an advantage to the minority. We could turn a twist on this, and say that all NBA teams have to have 50% white players, which makes no sense, Teams need the best 12 players available, regardless of race. I Too am all for affirmative action, liked the law since it passed, BUT, I still believe in “best person for the job”. Pro sports is different, but in the regular work place, I feel it should go by resume, experience, not just a company trying to make a balanced racial work force. I sometimes think that rather than interviews, company’s should go by resume’s, and body of work, not knowing the race of the person, so no one has an advantage due to race. Years ago, they made it illegal to ask for age on applications so not to discriminate on age (but they can figure that out by HS graduation date, lol). and now they have the “optional” questions asking race. Why does age or race matter at all? BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB, REGARDLESS OF AGE OR RACE!

  46. T~Bone

    Besides, as previous mentioned, and we agreed, Cari Nasty didn’t get in under Affirmative action, you hit the nail on the head how she got in there.

  47. Good lord! I just listened to the show on my way home, and I’m fucking done!! SAS and that Cunt have hijacked my favorite sports show. SAS kicking fans out of the audience who had the audacity to disagree with him? WTF! Skip built first take, and now that hackeling bitch and that Stephen think it’s theirs. The whole audience found nothing those two did amusing nor funny, and I think it reflects the sentiments of the nation. Sorry Skip, I give up.. Much like I think you have behind closed doors. Unbelievable

  48. Winz305

    I’m with you. I am COMPLETLY done watching this crab show that I used to love and watch everyday before Carrie got there. Even when she got there I tolerated the show. But as of the last 6 months I started recording the show to watch it later just because I didn’t want to spend my mornings listening to her nonsense, but now, I just stopped recording the whole damn thing all together. She got me to the point where I don’t give a fuck about the show anymore. Maybe I’ll start watching again when I hear word on the street that she got fired and no longer works there. But the thing that did it for me was the show after the Heat vs Pacers game. The most I EVER heard her say on the show was on this day and all she did was laugh at the Heat and LeBron about his nose bleeding and how they cry a lot. As a Heat fan I don’t wanna hear this unprofessional shit. It’s one thing when skip and sas does it, but for this bimbo to come in and start talking shit with them is sad.

  49. T~Bone

    I have been out for months now. A damn shame, I had enjoyed that show for many years, and as much as I tried, I could not tolerate her anymore. I do not even consider flipping it on to see what the guys are debating, it is not worth my frustration of having to listen to just one clueless remark she makes, watch her shuffle through papers, or listen to her fake obnoxious laugh. It is sad that one management decision to add an inferior and incompetent “Moderator” to a show, can destroy the entire thing that has been going well for a long time.

  50. Winz305

    One more thing.. Someone asked why she started wearing glasses on the show. She does it because she knows that men think women are a lot sexier when they’re wearing their “school teacher” glasses (I know I do). She wears them so that she has a far better shot at hooking up with one of the guest actors that come on to talk sports, which I don’t like because all they are really there for is to promote whatever movie they have coming out. She acts like a little 13 year old girl whenever a male actor comes on the show, and worst, it’s pretty fucking obvious that all she really wants is to fuck the athletes and actors that sits around their table.

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