Jungle gold is fake!

Discovery’s new show “Jungle Gold” is scripted and heavily directed. It really sucks in my opinion. Fact is, it’s fake and those two morons above are actors. Us viewers aren’t as stupid as Discovery channel thinks!!! Thanks for insulting our intelligence Discovery!

UPDATE: WOW!! The response I’m getting from this post is INSANE!!! Every Friday I get 10,000 + views. Seems a lot of people agree with me. I think it’s just the fact that Discovery is sinking so low and playing us viewers as fools that has us all disturbed. Thx for the response everybody. Cheers DiG

Update: I guess those fools know about this blog. The brother of one of them keeps sending angry responses. Lol funny shit!

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289 thoughts on “Jungle gold is fake!

  1. Breaker

    Yes, it is fake.
    I have recently worked in Ghana and these tools
    will either be killed by the jungle or the by locals.
    I look forward to the ransom clip which will be
    posted by a gang of criminals.

    • I could not agree more. This show is horrible and for paid actors, the two main guys suck. The blond haired one over acts all the time and the show is embarrassing.


      • Chris

        That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this episode…the little brown-haired dude was so blown out on coke he couldn’t stop sniffing and being manic…and the whole robbery thing,what a joke! “Wow, who would put a roadblock out here?” “What do you think he took?” “Oh no…not the gold, who would do this?” REALLY?? PLEASE…at least TRY to make it look real…have another line, dudes…

      • Nano P

        I found your comment so funny i had to respond.
        i just now found this show after watching GRA, and had to google to see other feedback,. i thought how stupid are these Americans. They are leery on a deal where they buy gold at 50points off, yet when they come to the road, they both get out of jeep. Why not go around the blockage, over it maybe because they will ruin shine on jeep. 😉
        They never have guns, in unlawful area you need to protect yourself or don’t go there. They are concerned about never having money but when they go back to US, no one even cares and they do seem to have money to travel back and forth. The mechanic they hired from home, is said to be a military mechanic and yet never been out of the US. You could hear that the excavator was mis-firing, and it’s just the idle is too low. What is their position in this business, they don’t have money, no manual labour expertise.
        i can’t beleive Disco would promote such a show/

    • Andy

      Definitely a fake. Can’t believe gold diggers these days are that stupid. The show is a bit slow to come to viewers at this corner of the planet, but if gold diggers are this dumb, come to fckg Vietnam to learn how third world gold diggers are like.

    • Frank

      Love your post. This show just sucks! I watch it to laugh. It’s a gold show with no gold, the guys lets the locals touch the mercury, and gold investor Dave is really just an evangelical that lives in a shack and drives a moped? Hilarious! If they get a contract for another season that is actually aired I will be shocked. That season finale was like watching a midget wrestling match over and over again, two idiots chasing their tails, I mean tales. I cannot believe that it didn’t end with any sort of successful digging/mining. Not one drop of gold? I want to produce season 3. Why not, the crew members get more camera time than anyone else it seems, and I can shoot guns by their camp at night (so dangerous they went back), and I can charter a helicopter and talk in a British/Australian accent. A Chinese wash plant? LOL. I thought a Chinese wash plant was an indoor carwash that Asian millionaires ran through to clean their balls after work. Either way theirs broke right after they built it and then they sold the steel as scrap hahaha they made more selling that than they did selling gold they mined, Jungle Steel. Instead of gold we get a 2 hour chase with nobody seen chasing them. The Chase… “true” or not is not the question, it just wasn’t good television….The Jungle Dummies are the best, it’s the best comedy series out there.

  2. Yenebo

    Absolutely fake show. No one is credible. Main characters are all too good looking and script is terrible along with the “Office” type filming technique. Pure crap

    • Just shows what Discovery thinks of its viewers. They just want to cash in on the popularity of Gold Rush, but don’t want to pay the production cost. Just like Bear Grills, fake and scripted!!!

    • Brenda Roberts

      Just for the heck of it thought I’d google “Jungle Gold is fake and scripted” and found this site, ha ha, I knew I couldn’t be the only one absolutely insulted by the ridiculousness of this show. Do they really think we’re that bored/stupid? Apparently so. Discovery Channel just lost major credibility with me!


  3. Bill BOB

    Could barely make it through the first 15 minutes of this show. Wanted to stab myself in the eyes with a soldering iron. I thought discovery was supposed to be an educational channel. Now it has shows that could be runner ups to jersey shore and real house wives… deplorable!!! I must say I did enjoy Man V Wild. Nothing fake about the situations Bear subjects himself to.

    • Capt. John

      Actually that Man vs. Wild was fake too. Bear used to sleep in hotels instead of out in the wild. Look it up. Discovery is a total fraud.

  4. Doug

    Well by episode 2 we learn George is a MMA fighter.

    What really intrigued me was the very end of episode 1, where they leave the internet hot spot and walk by a building with cedar siding and Pine trees?

    All the other little things, like “we’re just getting started after a month…camera pans back to an entire acre of cleared land…two minutes later they explain how it’s going to take them two weeks to “clear all this land”

    • i didnt even make it to the end of the episode. kudos to you for putting yourself through that

    • gordon

      If there is absolutely nothing else on,just watch the show and try to pick out other obvious flaws which make this show laughable and post them as blogs or reply’s.

  5. junglefake

    Completely Fake and scripted. My first and last episode watched. At least you think they would hire a credible writer for the show to make it somewhat believable. The fight scene was it for me. The actor that played the bad guy needs to take some acting classes. His interpretation of a person that was choked out was LACKING believability in the worst way to say the least.

  6. Brett

    I knew it was fake when the land owners brother in law had two machetes and the camera cut out both times the guy “wrestled” them away from him.

  7. Grumpster

    Yes….I never watched one of these shows, but the minute I saw Ghana….I figured those too idiots would be shot in minutes. That’s as lawless of a places as you can get and nobody in their right mind would even think of doing anything there or trusting anybody…including some old chief dude. WTF is with Discovery?

    • Agree. I can’t believe that I kept watching this S%$T show in hopes of seeing something good. It may have been more believable if they said that these two bozos never made any money in their lives instead of two educated ‘once wealthy’ yuppies.

      • jimmy

        I did too…I was onto it early but wanted to see where it would go. I love the gold shows. This one was a waist of time.

  8. Jungle gold is fake

    Fake fake fake. Never watch it again

  9. Tara Lidell

    I knew it was fake when they showed those two lead-actor idiots talking to each other on cellphones DEEP IN THE JUNGLES OF GHANA. Tara Lidell

    • african in america

      cell phone penetration in greater in the “third world” than in your developed midlands dipshit! stick to what you know . .your ignorance is laughable . . . forget what CNN told ya bout Africa . .script or no script!!! . the show is filmed in Africa, there’s gold, there are cellphones, and crazy Americans trying to exploit what was left by the slave-traders . .

      • I agree with you. Scripted or not, I think the whole idea of watching the circus is fun. More of my fellow anglo’s running around Africa after gold. It clearly is more interesting to me than watching another movie. It also represents whats happening in Ghana with live footage. If I had half the gut and were a few years younger… what an adventure, who cares if its scripted. The sad part is though with all this exposure I can just imagine Americans heading there in droves to grab more of this country’s resources while wreching the environment at the same time.

      • hueybomb

        Your obviously stupid and gullible…wanna buy a bridge??

    • Kwame


  10. News flash, EVERY show is fake and has producers. I hate t break it to you but housewives, deadliest catch gold rush duck dynasty jesey shore are all setup for drama. So go spend time with your friends and family that is the only REAL life stuff you will see.

    • Mike

      You are 100% correct. Well said!

    • Rk

      Deadliest Catch & Gold Rush are NOT fake. I had the pleasure of meeting Sig Hanson in person, and the stories the dude tells are awesome. All of the vessels on the show, and the captains are well known in Dutch Harbor as the “best” crab fisherman.

      Get off the internet if you’re going to make crap up.

      • ProducerCali

        Deadliest catch was moved from non fiction to reality because they were scripting. Yes it’s faked now. Thank Doug Stanley for that. The Cornelia Marie’s first “engine trouble”? Nope..that was a drug issue. The list goes on and on. It’s sad what happened behind the scenes there…

      • hueybomb

        I agree..how can u script what the ocean does..stupid people suck..deadliest catch rules!!

    • marc

      Your an idiot. Please explain how the Deadliest Catch is fake. You probably believe in the 911 conspiracies too.

      • ProducerCali

        on December 9, 2012 at 6:03 pm
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Deadliest catch was moved from non fiction to reality because they were scripting. Yes it’s faked now. Thank Doug Stanley for that. The Cornelia Marie’s first “engine trouble”? Nope..that was a drug issue. The list goes on and on. It’s sad what happened behind the scenes there…

      • Rob

        Since you brought up 911/ explain my bdg 7 fell

      • Delist catch ain’t fake. Jungle gold sure as shit is tho

      • william duell

        Ya and I bet you voted for Obama. Lol

    • RyNo

      Except for COPS. That ish is real as fuck.

    • Myles

      You and I won’t REALLY know for sure unless were on the show ourselves.

  11. Bill BOB


  12. CJ

    I just tuned in to this show (on in background while I’m typing this).

    The lead characters don’t garner a lot of sympathy: millions in debt? Former real-estate dealers whose work dried up with the housing crash?

    Why does nobody save money for a rainy day anymore?

    No love. Rot in the jungle losers.

    • Thanks. I actually feel better now that I wasn’t the only one disappointed with time wasted.

    • jan

      Ok so why is it that they are so hurting financially but can still live in a big gorgeous house and drive a cadillac suv? When you are hurting for money you sell what you can and downsize to what. You can afford. These guys go out and borrow more money and lose it all. GET A JOB!! If this isn’t fake these guys are Stupid!!

  13. Ken

    I watched 2 episodes and seemed really scripted. Between the high fives and hugs between these two it looked really fake. Doubt there will be a second season

    • mike davidson

      I dont see Georges mma rec even. He must be amateur. I doubt he has a hundred fights under his belt with near zero loses. I never heard of him. Thats what started me thinking this shows a fake or semi fake lol.

  14. Pat

    Has anybody noticed they have the mats put into the sluice machine wrong yet? With the mats set up the way they have them, I’m surprised they’re getting as much as they are. I would estimate they’re catching maybe 5%

    • They aren’t even using the mats! It’s a completely fabricated show.

    • erick

      I love how someone watches a season of gold rush and now they’re an expert.

    • ProducerCali

      They’re using big sheets of what appears to be AstroTurf or Welcome Mat material…it lOoks solid on one side as opposed to moss mats…more dipstickness. I’m glad someone else noticed that. Their wives appear to have had lobotomies. I’d rather see a show where they are applying for and working at a real job because in George’s case this would be funny…

  15. dididsg445

    Anybody hear the shot fired!? worst sound producing i’ve ever heard.

  16. Rick

    This show appears to be all drama and no actual gold mining. When the blond haired guy gives his repeated and overly fake ” we’re going to get this gold!” pep talks to his friend, I realized just how scripted this show was. It is ashame discovery has gone down this route. There is literally nothing of educational value left on television. Ratings and money is all that matters. Shame on you discovery..how the mighty have fallen.

  17. Pat

    I have found Mitch. He owns a construction firm in Utah. He has a ‘vanity’ video on youtube. showing off his multimillion dollar house.

    The video was produced by two guys nobodies ever heard of, but the one guy has the most pretentious IMBD profile I’ve ever seen.

    • Haha “vanity”

    • john

      Hahaha Holy shit I know mitch! What a small world… Met him when he used to live in a station wagon before he built up his company, A company plagued with lawsuits might I add. Scumbags

  18. garner

    Yes it’s true that all TV shows are scripted to some degree- but this Jungle Gold travesty of d-list actors and writers is a new low. It is compounded by being presented via Discovery which now has lost all credibility. As all users here have commented, every show has a numerous editing and continuity flaws- but the worst of it is the hideous acting of this miserable “reality” cast.

    A better show would have been to air the actual auditions for the casting, as seen in the Feb 2010 want ads of LA Monthly “Reality show casting (2) principals, early 30s, SAG, with rugged good looks, willing to travel and film in Africa & (2) ancillary characters; an older Mafia Don type & a fringe drifter.” Can you imagine the humanity that showed at Sunset and Argyle during the 3-day casting?

    I suppose I can understand the producer’s choices for this wretched “ensemble” except maybe for the Mitch character as the tough guy investor- this is the best they could come up with? Just look at the scenes when he is trying to play the intimidating Don Corleone better-not-mess-with-me shtick. Fully laughable. I would take Mitch’s money and then moon him daily from his front lawn. He is a total moisty. A girl scout could beat his ass with a pixie stick. And the reason none of us can find George as a listed “MMA fighter” is because of an unfortunate typo; he was actually an M&M fighter and posted a respectable 11-8 against mostly the Dark Chocolate Peanut variety.

  19. MarkKnopfler

    This has to be the fakest of all the Discovery shows. Less than two minutes in I had it pegged. I suspect those main two guys are actors… I guess there is an outside chance Discovery somehow stumbled across two photogenic patsies but it’s unlikely. If their “backstory” is true, they have to be two of the dumbest son of a b****es you’ll ever see. Unless Discovery is paying off their debts to appear on the show… again, I don’t know how much Discovery pays their reality stars. Those guys seem like two-bit hustlers that try to make up for their lack of smarts with enthusiasm and effort. Unfortunately their effort is misdirected.

    Also, after the last episode I was confused about the timeline, did anyone else have the same problem? I thought they were going to start on a new site but they just sort of ran around buying rock crushers and arguing with people. LOL. What a silly mess.

    • ProducerCali

      Typically the first seasons of these reality shows are done gratis or extremely cheap. The producers of Deadliest Catch are brOke river rafters in California. Unless you maximize your PR angles (merchandise, books, etc…) you cannot expect big payouts by the networks, it’s like the mythical unicorn. Hollywood is 95% smoke and mirrors. I miss Meerkat Manor :((.

    • BaliRob

      There was absolutely no continuity – so, yes, you were correct. I am so angry at Discovery for having no respect for its viewers.

    • Dave

      Two-bit hustlers with a lack of smarts. You hit the nail on the head!

  20. Adam

    watching 3rd or maybe 4th episode now, i thought they only had 1 excavator?? Camera was panning round and there was another one in the background???

  21. Mike Amich

    Damn, I can not stand this show! What a couple of tards! It can not be real because there is not a person on the planet that just keeps shelling out money on a possible maybe, and then spend even more the next day on a “maybe better today.”

    If these bozos really did lose big in the housing market crash, a more realistic reality show would be to have these losers face everyone they ripped off in the housing market every day for three months. Then, when we hear shots ring out, we will have an easier time believing it!

  22. Wil Hon

    100% real I know these guys and there struggles.

  23. sis boom bah

    Absolutely fake. Nobody is that stupid, that often. People who’d make the decisions they make would be dead already..

  24. Bob Aboui

    These guys are joke everyone is in dept and if you owe so much file for Bankruptcy

  25. The show sucks its so fake cant believe its on tv

  26. Neal

    The dark haired guy seems high on drugs an shady, if the show is real they need to do a drug test on him an a lie detector test he just set them up to get robbed. this show doesn’t deserve a time slot.

    • GoldIsOverRated

      Yeah, the dark haired guy is definiately wired to the mains on snow! He was sniffing all the time and sweating like a kiddly fiddler in toys-r-us in the run up to the ‘robbery’. The other guy is just thick as shit; reminds me of a dumb but loyal dog.

  27. Ralph

    Can i get a job on Jungle Gold? I cant act for shit either. But the show is still on. Politician’s love the people that watch shows like Jungle Gold.

  28. steve ross

    Two biggest Idots I’ve ever seen In my life That’s all I can say

  29. Sinan

    What a ridiculous show. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. Even supposing that they actually had $75k worth of gold that they paid $35k for, would they really stop to move some sticks (road block)? A 4 year old would have realized it was an ambush and that land rover would have easily plowed right over that. What a joke, they don’t even consider the fact that they might get ambushed and hide the gold somewhere in the vehicle. This show is obviously scripted / pure fiction. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. These two idiots would never have gotten out of Ghana alive if it was real life.

    • paul

      did anyone notice the motorcycle ahead of the landrover as they were heading back to town with the gold bar? the guy on the bike was the same guy that did the hold up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike Amich

        Oops… I guess others did see it. Should have read comments before posting.

    • DaMiPh76

      I totally agree SInan. Why would anyone go back the same way. If I had a Landrover I would have went around it or gone a different path

    • Mike Amich

      If you look closer at the show, the guy that robbed them os caught on camera a few times riding in front of them on the motorcycle. Even after they get robbed, he is caught on camera in front again near the roadside! Discovery channel has been losing all credibility lately with so much scripted crap any more.

  30. Dennis Gates

    This new direction television has taken is terrible. Fake reality shows labeled “Real Life Drama” are everywhere you look. It’s almost to the point to where the Government should get involved under a truth in advertising statue. They heard us in like cattle to watch these shows and the pay off goes to the advertisers. We are left to look like idiots thinking – Wow! Why didn’t I think of that? Or try that? Or do that? What happened to that warring they used to show that said this show is based on actual events???

  31. frank c

    IDIOTS!!!!! Entire season, and really no gold prospecting at all. When they had the one sluice box scene, with the green carpet, 1) no riffles, 2) the sluice box ribbed carpet was going longways and gold would just watch right out the end…. show worthless!

    • Is there someway that we could all contact their advertisers and claim that we will never buy any product that’s paying for this show? What a disappointment!!

      • sabrina

        agreed-if u figure out way lemme know because, this is very insulting!

  32. Sinan

    By the way, the dark haired guy is on drugs for sure…

  33. hartzog86

    Robbery scene, blondy claims the robber wore a mask but the video clearly showed he didnt. Then the excited remark “what did he take?” like they had anythingelse worth taking. I wanted this to be a show to follow but my 10yr old doesnt even believe it.

    They claim they never have any money but then the announcer says it takes thousands of dollars a day to run. Then the chinese take over everything and they leave heavy equipment laying around every where. Two excavators, a new gold tremmel and what ever the wash plant that they left the year before, maybe they should sell some of their equipment and use that to pay some bills.

    there is som many things wrong with this show it is painful to even watch.

    • The show is as fake as it can get and the acting is horrid. But the actor playing the part of the ‘robber’ was wearing a mask.

      • BaliRob

        Thanks for that because I could have sworn he was a black Ghanian but now see that he was Caucasian and probably one of the English crew (like myself) which goes to prove the set-up.

    • Titos

      Hahahahah, oh man I know, I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous this show is…seriously, I find it so damn funny though, the fact that Discovery actually thinks people will believe this crap…but then again, I bet there are a million suckers out there…oh well, can’t do much about that either, we can just laugh.

    • gary collins

      If this show is not fake, than the discovery channel is BRILLIANT. This is a huge victory for the DEVELOPMENTALY DELAYED. I never thought I would see a show about the disabled mining gold in Africa. Good for you discovery keep up the good work….. Actually these mongoloids couldn’t even get gold in the special Olympics.

    • Bungle gold

      Totally scripted with the robbery and baracade they didnt drive over with the land rover.

      The dark haired guy loves the booger sugar. He couldn’t stop wiping is nose and acting like a coke head.

      Their wives would have left them in real life!

      The alleged financial backer in utah was a total tool as well and a bad actor! !

  34. my thoughts exactly , how much bad acting , c’mon really ,,why not just roll over the 12-18 inch high road block, some one should complain to landrover if that rig couldnt even manage that , also why is’nt someone packing wile carrying around 35k in the mioddle of nowere, jeez who ever wrote this show is either a totaly out of touch idiot, has lived in the gum drop forest his whole life , but the laughability doesnt just end with these JO’s ,, take a good look all around Discovery, Pause I wonder what discovery stands for these days Discovering how many idiots will really watch and believe this junk, back on track,, just look at there american crapper series its nothing more than a 60 min replayable commercial for the company thats getting the build, if you can even call it thet,,just take a look at the laughable quality builds, lol, the wendys episode hmm ,, jr the battery doesnt fit ?, but i gotta an idea! lets put the battery case on the ground and jump up and down on the battery til it goes in,, and on are next bike lets put as many impalement points on it as posible so if there ever is a crash the rider doesnt have to worry about getting roadrash hes just part of the bike… come on guys the dicksuckme channel bites for the last few years…and this should be no revalation to anyone with an IQ above 5

  35. Warner

    The robber did have a mask, but the real indicator of it being fake is that there was a cameraman in the backseat right after they did the deal and started driving, then when the road block pops up and they jump out… no cameraman in the car….hmmm So lame.

  36. HobieKat

    Did anyone else notice that they had a cameraman in the back seat of their car as they celebrated the purchase of the gold bar? But when they stopped minutes later to clear the road block suddenly the camerman was in the chase vehicle and filming from a distance.

    • jl

      I noticed the motorcycle in front. Scripted. All good looking for the camera. All articulate. Who is paging for the land rover, hotel, meals, the flights back to Utah? Discovery? Funny how the wives happen to be hot.

  37. jonathan


  38. DaMiPh76

    I always figure these reality shows are somewhat fake some more than others. These guys really were stupid. Too Desperate

  39. Fools gold

    What a load of crap this show should be called Jungle Fools Gold

    • Steve

      Why do you post the same shit , time after time ? do you like trolling this site or something ? Super troller biatch

      • He is definitely disturbed. Anybody who would defend that show with such craziness has got to be a disturbingly odd individual

  40. Lisa

    Perhaps the show is for real, but have difficulty understanding how stupid this two crackhead nuggets can be..Also this guy Mitchell Burton is bigg joke,my cat could beat his ass !!!
    Sad but true season 2 will be broadcast.
    Does anyone know if these guys are for real, who know them?

  41. John

    looks like these boys need to start busing dishes in the local restaurant for a plane ticket home

  42. Matt

    I realized it was fake during the robbery scene. Right up to the point when they encounter the roadblock the guys are talking to the cameraman in the back seat. It’s not mount, they are clearly talking to a person, and the camera is moving. Then when they reach the roadblock there is suddenly no longer anyone on the back seat. The camera view shifts to the trailing vehicle, and there is no one in the backseat when the “robber” reaches in to get the gold from the back seat. Obviously staged and fake. Too bad, I actually found the show interesting. Not anymore.

  43. Paul

    Sad comment on what should be a’educational’ channel. It would be far more entertaining if they wre up front with with their audience.

  44. .
    Gold show fans – the Wild West is back!
    No chemicals, no big machines, no planetary destruction. No scripting. Just pure adventure and we actually find gold!

  45. jesse lucio

    This show is so bad these guys don’t know what they are doing. I will never watch it again so so bad.

  46. Kim

    I like what Bill BOB said, “Wanted to stab myself in the eyes with a soldering iron. ” To add to that, I wanted to peel all of my skin off and dive into a bath of boiling water. DISCOVERY, please take this show off the air and replace it with something educational and not suicidal. These 2 gold seekers need to find a reel job or file for bankruptcy. Get a life!

  47. warrior6977

    Discovery now stands for “Damn Idiotic Scripted Crap Obliterating Vaguely Enjoyable Reality Yo-yo’s”. You heard it here 1st. I just made it up, lol.

  48. Keith Wehrle

    Wow, the last episode was an insult to viewers intelligence. Are you kidding me?! Discovery, what in the hell were you thinking? Scott and George, you guys are pathetic. At least make yourselves credible by confirming Jungle is one big joke. Now “that” would be a great episode! Discovery just lost another viewer……………………..

  49. mark

    Who would ‘invest’ with these two yo yos? If someone puts up money for next season you know its a sham! Any investor would look at the show and not give larry and curly a single dime!!! There is no way these two made millions in real estate. They are the biggest F$%#tards I have ever seen

  50. I donnt now wat u giys r tolkking bogt dis shoe is reel! I dukt n cuver wen dat shot went of

  51. A

    What are the facts? how do you know this is heavily scripted? how do you know they’re actors? please show the facts, so I can agree with you.

    • Just watch it. If you have half a brain you’ll figure it out yourself.

    • gonzo

      episode 2 the make up artists forget to paint the mechanic’s neck tattoos on at 16:55

    • Shaun Jackson

      For one their hair is marvellous in every episode new fresh clothes and they are in the middle of the jungle and if I’m not mistaken they had to sleep in the jungle many of nights that doesn’t say it’s fake butat least scripted. Then think if you were in that situation would you not be strapped with a weapon but yet they go to all theyre dealings unarmed and when they approached Chris the owner of the rommosel claim and his partner to talk about abandoning them to go to their new claim Chriss partner showed up to the meeting with a gun and hands them a bill for half a mill and says that they are also going to take all theyre equipment the boys just agree shrug it off and walk off. There is just so many things like if you are leasing a claim off someone they don’t mine it with you if that was the case they would just mine it themselves trust me they can afford the mining costs. Another thing do you really think if you showed up to an investor that sunk 100 grand in your operation and you told them that it was all gone that you would even walk out of that meeting in the same piece you walked in let alone eventually getting another 80 grand or whatever it was. With all that said if two people really acted in that manner in that part of Africa they would most definitely be dead and if they miraculously made it back to the US in one piece they would have even bigger problems with the investors for wasting they’re money like that.

  52. keith corder

    the show is fake, they go through great lengths to discourage any1 from going to africa to gold mine. anything and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. like i said, this show is to keep people from mining in africa. this is a” what not to do when mining for gold in africa” gold show. no1 could make so many mistakes in a row. if i had a gold bar worth 35 in a back pack it would be strapped around me, no 1 would leave it in the backseat of a truck to get out and move a road block. you could learn a lot from this show, they point out the dangers of freelance gold mining. for real, they are actors i heard the families are even fake, these two guys are dating one another. when state side they tea bag old guys for extra cash at the local gay bar.

  53. Paul Donnelly

    Sorry, but these characters are what most developed populations have made them come to believe that americas people have lost their position as true, proud, honest hard working successes. Instead corruptive, corporate institutes and the characteristics of these shallow greedy individuals portrayed on these reality shows is what seems to of replaced many of the great leaders the rest of the modern world have come to rely on as models of true third dimensional successes and not boob tube fools. paul

    • Lotus

      Thanks for that, Paul. I do agree that we should be embarassed to be Americans these days. With a government that is corrupt and broken, a spent economy, and the complete elimination of educational development, people should think twice about moving to the ‘land of opportunity.’

  54. Shaun Jackson

    Omg it crossed my mind when I was watching it then thought to myself no it can’t be and dismissed but now that Ive had time to think about it and after reading ur post I definitely agree that they are high on cocaine lmao that scene looked like it came too natural for them boys lol hair all messed up scratching their nose and the little quiver in their voice and last but not least they were talking a mile a minute

  55. Lisa Molin

    Hi I pasted this from TPB it is from Jungle Boys !!!

    Thanks for supporting us through this season!

    The History channel just jumped on the bandwagon with Bamazon. Alabama rednecks battle through the rainforest to find gold, LOL! Couldnt find it here, but Amazon Instant has it for free in HD if you missed it.

  56. it reel


  57. it reel

    ebonic?? wut dat? u tolkin bogt da las epusod?

  58. yes in deed river gold honduras i am waiting for the real deal here unlike the scammers of jungle gold that show was pure garbage bring on river gold honduras looking greatly for it to show

  59. jokenny658

    black market gold scam: first the camera man is in the car with them, then he’s in the car behind… say whaaa?

  60. Brian Mouland

    Tacky show,bad acting,no credibility

  61. Ryan

    even if it is fake its still entertaining when you dont look at it under a microscope….. Its fun to watch it obviously has some value as we are all talking about it………….I always excited to see it …. you never know whats going to happen…. I like shows where people run up with AKs jacking people for gold its seem reasonable real compared any high grossing movie ….give it rest you guys watch it for some reason

  62. Pete

    It should be presented as a game! Find as much faked shots

    3rd episode: the pump is “slipping ” in the pit at the back and camera man is ready to film it.
    But 35 seconds earlier you can see the pit, in the front this time. The blue hose of this pump is clearly aside. Hard to believe the pump will slip in this almost dry pit. Then 20 seconds later a shot of this pit, but then it’s full of water…but where is the pump with the blue hose? Not installed yest, because this was taped earlier! Placed there to make us believe the pit is full of water.  Then when it happens you can see the blue hose at the right is being pulled first and then the pump itself is pulled on purpose in the pit. Maybe by the excavator or someone..

    Another one, the leaking hoses. The red hoses are the pressure sides, green ones in the pit. You can see these green ones are connected with clamps, although later tape is placed over them. On top of the pump is a black knob. When they act as if the hose disconnects suddenly, in fact someone removes the black knob and there is where the water is leaking….clear white water while raining on Scotty but seconds later brown muddy water when no one is near!…the mechanic “repairs” the machine with hose clamps …No way, he just puts the black knob back!

    • Simple669 (Nico)

      Jungle gold has only just been on the air here in The Netherlands, at first I had my doubt wether it was fake and scripted but only a little further in the show, like a couple of minutes further))) I realized it has to be fake and scripred!!!
      I am sooooooo dissaointed in Discovery Channel!!! What a Joke!!
      How abvious can it be when you just bought some cheap gold for $35k and I little later there is a road block of some peaces of wood…
      How stupid!!! Besides like someone said alread, actors way to good looking and bot of these guys I have seen before but just cant put my finger in it!
      Whats next Discovery??? Jungle Coke?????

      Grtzz you all

  63. ljubiša janša

    I am just watching this shit on discovery now. It so fucking staged with those two dumb actors. Fuck you discovery channel!

  64. Yoshi

    They have just started advertising this on discovery in Australia, i didnt even make it through the ad before i started googling to see if its fake, was really interested to see if these turkeys had been killed yet.

  65. Ian

    i’ve never been one for reading blogs but id like to say thanks to everyone for putting their opinions down for me to go thru.. i live in central british columbia canada and own half of a gold claim that we are busy trying to develop – thats why i’ve eaten up these shows like gold rush, and bearing sea gold, – this jungle gold b.s. show seemed unrealistic but i never even remotely thought that it would be “fake” – a lot of stuff didn’t seem to add up with these guys – but this was discovery channel right? now i feel like someone should drop the producer off in the middle of the ghana jungle with a big sign on his shirt that says “i’m a rich american lying bastard using your country to film a phoney show” and then film him getting torn to shreds – now that would be good t.v.

  66. BkReifel

    I just made it through 15 minutes of the first episode and couldn’t take anymore. These jerkoffs couldn’t play dead. I hit the internet and found this site. I’ve been living in Liberia the past year and these guys would be robbed and killed in the first hour in the jungle. I hope they get malaria and die.

  67. Bhururu

    I’ll tell you whats not fake Man vs Food !!!!!,.,this jungle gold stuff is BS,.,

  68. TTK

    I agree with every single 1 of u. Totally fake. I was just wondering how funny it wil be when every single one of us is proven wrong xD. I think if the 2nd season comes out they should atleast have better acting! So Discovery plz take your hands out of the crackhead and roidz fag (lol) and let them act freely and jst die already!!! xD

  69. yes it may be fake; but it is quite embarassing being a Ghanaian to see such a show on screens over the world. I have not watched a single episode of the show but saw a brief scene on youtube and that was enough to make me mad and flabbergasted. Yes illegal mining really happen in my country by foreign people especially the Chinese. The Ghanaian government has recently ordered for the arrest of these two individuals who have not only degraded the country but made it seem its quite easy to make a fool out of Africans.

  70. Dave Thomson

    Junglegold Is 110% Rib buster !
    They are getting ripped off so hard by the locals because they aren’t even supervising their own investment !
    “Opps oh shit we need petrol to run a machine lets go get some buddy” xx .
    “Hey lets get the locals to dig another hole for us to prove colour exists where we are digging so we can gain a further 1.4grams” lmao !

    They should amalgamate Dual Survival x Junglegold !

    “Survival Jungle”
    ..Starring Four faggots and 1/8th of a brain !

    • hawks23

      I bet they can spell better than you though haha. If your going to insult someone at least do it right

  71. triffid

    Surely the script writers can do better research and make the script half believable.Investors give 140k to two broke hollywood types with zero mining experience and let them run off to Ghana ?
    Then the basic mining decision making processes?No mining operator with half a brain wouldn’t have selected areas to excavate which had minimum over burden.This means lower operating cost per gm of gold mined.To see supposedly professional contractors digging a random pit with 30 ft of over burden and expecting to make a profit was beyond stupid.It made for drama but was total B.S
    Then a dumbass mechanic ,flights to and from the U.S when a phone and Skype would be simpler.
    So many dumb things.It was just fun to play ,’spot the dumb ass moment’.

  72. Ken

    This show is exaggerated and dramatized. I know this because I’m involved in gold mining in Ghana. There are a lot of illegal mines in Ghana and you can go to jail for it. However, a legal registered mining operation in Ghana can be started for around $500K. A registered mine is one which is licensed by the government and has its tests verified by the authorities for operation. The 500K includes paying local landowners for mining rights (legal transfers), equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, water pumps and on site concentrators + security, deep core tests, on site geologist, mining consultant reviews, etc. Mining is not easy but it isn’t exactly as difficult as they make it out to be on the show. You don’t get attacked randomly by people just because you have gold. Gold is everywhere in Ghana. Even the local galamseys carry 5g gold in their wallets. And you have government approved buyers who work with the pmcc all around the country who will test the gold and buy it from you “LEGALLY!”

    The show wants to portray an image that because its Africa, there is lawlessness everywhere. Of course, you can get scammed easily out there and there is a lot of corruption but Ghana isn’t Sierra Leone. The worst part of this is, gold is Ghana is found relatively easier than other places like Armenia or south Africa. The rock is softer so you don’t need heavy grinders to separate the gold from the stone. Gold is also found is large quantities as gold dust which pretty much needs washing and minor extraction to retrieve the gold.

    I’ve found Ghana to be one of the safer places in Africa. Of course, if you’re stupid you’re going to get in trouble anywhere in the world including Scott’s mormon safe haven, UTAH!

  73. Vas deferonse

    It seems that all you need to get a show on Discovery Channel is a half baked plan to save your family and friends by gold mining, freinds that are as dumb as you and believe your plan and most importantly and a ragging Cocaine habit! Discovery channel contact me… I would jump off the wagon to have my own tv show.

  74. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?

    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

  75. Travis aldridge

    Yea no shit! The show sucks. I watched the first few epesodes and was blown way by how bad it was. Cant believe theres another season. Thought those hi rollers were out of $?

  76. jam

    i m from france and i saw all season 1 and the last episode “robery” ,it s really fake with actors !!
    i m alright with you :
    Us viewers aren’t as stupid as Discovery channel thinks!!! Thanks for insulting our intelligence Discovery!.

    i m very dasapointed !!!

  77. Mike

    DONE with Discovery CH- the shows are getting worse!!! And their actors SUCK! From Jungle Gold(which I CAN NOT believe is airing another season!) to their FAKE mermaid shows – pathetic!! Discovery Ch use to have integrity- not anymore-

  78. Michael

    I just watched two episodes of this and typed “Jungle Gold Fake” into Google. The robbery was SO fake. Why would they go to that deal unarmed? Plus in the next episode when they call Dave Thomas back in Africa… he happens to have a camera crew on his end of the conversation providing very artistic shots of his from different angles and lenses. What a Joke.

  79. trino

    I turned my TV to Discovery Channel. I hadn’t heard of Jungle Gold , but about 30 seconds of watching was enough to send me online, because I was thinking, this has to be some poorly executed drama show. Turns out even wikipedia claims it is a “reality show”. C’mon I was thinking, 30 seconds and you can tell they’re all acting. Seriously, it really is that bad. Why do they even try to pass it off as a reality show?

  80. Yes it is fake. Here is their website. They are trying to get you to buy t-shirts. Ridiculous.

    • WillFoster

      Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush sells 316.mining.com hats and shirts, does that mean his show is also fake? Go to the website of anyone who has a show, they all sell crappy t-shirts

  81. Longtalltex

    Yeah, and how did the robber know exactly where the gold was? It was a lot of crapola. I hope this whole thing gets exposed for what it really is.

    • WillFoster

      They guys said that it was a set up. The guy who sold them the gold bar from sold it to them at a huge discount because he had armed guys waiting for them to take it back after they left.

    • Che-baca


  82. WillFoster

    The show is not fake. It is not a very good show, but it isn’t fake. A lot of people in the area (Sandy, Utah) know these guys and they have been mining for several years in Ghana. Ive talked to them a few times and they are not happy with the way the production company (RAW T.V. from the U.K.) and the Discovery Channel have made the show. The producers have tried to over dramatize everything and have done some sketchy creative editing that makes their very real story, look very fake. I agree that the show sucks which is disappointing because it could have been really good if they would have just told their story straight up and not encouraged the guys to “freak out” over every situation.

    • The show is fake moron!

      • WillFoster

        Its not retard. I actually know the guys. Your talking out of your ass, im speaking from actual knowledge.

      • hawks23

        Hey digs put down your meth pipe and get a life. Do you live in your gramas basement!

    • hueybomb

      Fuck off!!! Its fake and he only thing those guys “mine” is nose goblins!!!

  83. Che-baca


    • U must be easily amused.

      • che-baca


      • WillFoster

        Im sure you can do a much better show right digs344?

      • About 10k people a day think I know what I’m talking about.

      • Devils

        Then you should thank Scott and George because they brought you closer to your goal fame and glory than any of your fuck-tard youtube videos ever will

      • Tell em thanks

      • 12k views and counting today….your the ONLY person who enjoys that comedy show

      • Devils

        All of your reality show dreams have been dashed so you wouldn’t understand how the game works but when people are taking about the show, good or bad, its good for the show. See, nobody ever took the time to talk about your shitty videos on youtube so you wouldn’t understand. About 2 million people will be watching Jungle Gold tonight, including most of the dumbasses who read your blog. How many have visited your blog today? 12k? Wow, that must be such a great accomplishment for you!

      • hueybomb

        Is your whole family as stupid as u and your brother Scott!! U keep defending two douches who couldn’t mine a box of Kitty litter!! Dumbasses!!!!!

      • damer

        Well said

      • Jim is a DA

        Jim are you kidding? Tickle, Shelby Stangla, and Hatfields and McCoys White Lightening has to be the worst shows on TV right now! I used to think Tickle was hilarious on that Moonshiners show. Some things should just be left alone.

      • Amazing

        Actually, I for one WON’T be wasting any more time on this show. It is either fake or they (Scott/George) are the most frustratingly stupid human beings I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness.

        So go ahead and call this blog stupid. My guess is that this blog will have more viewers than JG in the not-so-distant future.

      • KJA

        Hey Devils – how does that saying go….. “Methinks thou dost protest too much”

      • Devils

        Protest about what KJA? Scotts my brother and I have info about the show that nobody else has. Im happy to share.

      • hueybomb

        Those two morons are drama queens…do they ever mine or do they just do coke and play brokeback mountain!!

      • Benjamin

        did they end up with a plus concerning money? And were they able to pay there credits and families?

      • Rob

        oh man… want to see a real fake reality show watch Siberia. Writer in the credits and a cast that you can easily use the internet to find out they are actors. however if you look up Scott or George on facebook you can see they are just regular dudes, and there is nothing in the credits of jungle gold that should lead anyone (no matter how stupid they are) to believe its fake.

    • hueybomb


  84. trumph

    The latest episode the two clowns call their bloke in ghana and a camera just happens to be there to see him pick up the phone… duh how stupid do they think we are

  85. Darin

    Lol y are u guys online, taking time out of your lives to tell people what they already know, don waist ur breath or fingers typing this dumb shit out, so what if its fake, don’t fucking watch it if u don’t like it, keep ur bitching to ur self, no matter how much u bitch they will still be getting paid for it, people are still ganna watch it, go cry in bed like normal babys

  86. aaron

    Just watched season two episode 1. When they load the excavator on the “low boy” it has no ramps. When they unload it the narrator says “luckily, this low boy has ramps” as if they swapped trailors. What a joke of cinematography. Always drama

  87. One big ass mistake america

    The dark haired guy is a coke head I’ve never seen anyone sniff and rub their nose so much unless they’re using – oh yeah and it’s fake.

  88. That sucks your related to that moron. Your mom must hate her life

  89. kumhu

    yes! it is totally scripted. Despite trying hard to make it as a real event capturing on camera but there are enough holes that any moron can figure that out. Too bad the channel like Discovery has to do cheapo show like Jungle Gold. Sorry, Discovery channel, you will be losing loyal fans like me.

  90. Duane Bees

    I dont watch too much TV, at first thought the show was good and then when I read all this It woke me up to what actually happening. I now agree this show is very shady indeed.

  91. Lewis

    Thought id share this with you guys…

    The whole cut thing pissed me off quite abit so i decided to send “Jungle Gold” a message on Facebook with an attached screenshot of the cut then 2 mins later… no cut. (Cant attach a picture but you know the ones i mean) Anyways this was the conversation…

    Feel let down!
    Especially since you seem to be playing on the whole Autism thing now…. Not cool..
    (Attached Cut Screenshot)

    Jungle Gold:
    Playing on autism? As though real and significant trials in ones life are some sort if pawn in a tv show game? We have been in Africa for 2 full years before the tv show came to film us. We lost the life of a dear friend and partner as well as struggled through other terrible things nevertheless we have decided to share our story with people so that we can add our testimony to the eternal truth that life is not always easy but to fight on with faith that you can have more than complacency could ever offer is indeed a faith filled fight worth pursuing. We do it because for every uninformed vitriolic message we receive like this, we receive 5 more from people who see beyond the lights and cameras and realize that our struggles aren’t being displayed to instill pity, but rather to engender strength. A person doesn’t see the world as the world is, it sees the world as He is. I’m sorry you are missing the message of our lives. I wish it wasn’t so. -George

    Fair play on the response! Credit where credit is due.. However that still doesn’t answer the whole cut thing?

    Jungle Gold:
    Thank you, and I’ll help answer the cut question. I was hit in the late night, as shown. It cut my head above my hairline just a bit. I actually was working the next day through the morning to finish drilling but my bandage kept falling off in the heat. But coming from a fighting background anyways, I was having it glued. I actually sent a video to Scott and my wife the next day while I was still setting up my camp… I had a bandaid then. But it just wasn’t staying on most of the time. They said I was resting in my tent, but I wasn’t I hadn’t even finished building camp yet until the end of the following day. Here’s a screenshot off a private video I sent back to Scott and my wife. Band-aid intact, and glue underneath. But it was hard to get bandages to stick on my hair/head.

    (He Sent a Personal Convincing photo with a Plaster on his hairline that he took on his phone)
    I don’t have any means to upload the photo here but if anyone is that bothered, post to let me know and ill email you the photo.

    Anyways i said sorry for being a dick and how i was frustrated that the show seemed fake ect. and he replied

    Thank you. I am frustrated too at times because so many other “reality” shows are making things up and setting things up that it drags our show down. All of our production company are the same guys that film Gold Rush and have also worked on other shows also, and they themselves tell us, we are the most REAL show they have ever worked on. Period. So thanks. Now spread the word, we’re legit. We may be the few, but we are proud of it.

    Obv i have no idea if that really is him on there but it seemed convincing!
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JungleGoldDiscovery
    Take from it what you will 😛

    • Hahaha. These two dipshits are funny. Constantly having to convince people that their shitty show is real must get old

      • Devils

        This is Scott’s brother again. Good news for your bro, Scott and George may be driving down from Utah to Phoenix next month and will be going through Flagstaff. If they end up coming down, Ill try to arrange a time and place for you to meet them since you are such a big fan. They obviously don’t know who you are but ill have them check out your blog and have them address all of your issues with the show in person. Maybe they can give you some tips on how to get your own show, since you haven’t had much luck doing that on your own. We usually hit up Grandmas Closet when we are in Flagstaff, ill drive up from the Valley and meet you too. Should be fun.

      • I’m a raft guide in Tennessee. But I’ll be in LA later this month. Have those two dipshits buy me lunch.

      • Devils

        They’ll be glad to buy your dumbass lunch, that’s assuming you have any teeth left to chew.

      • Be a dear and tell your coke fiend brother I like dessert too, oh and make sure he has the tip figured out before I leave the table, I don’t like to be inconvenienced. And one last thing, I don’t eat at that shithole grannys. I prefer more upscale. So round up your queer brother and his useless friend and buy me some dinner. Thx bud

      • Devils

        Lol, nice try pussy. it would be the first time that you didnt have to eat off the dollar menu this year. You live in Flagstaff dumbass, upscale for you retards is a buffet at an indian casino.

      • hueybomb

        Your a fucking idiot devils!!! And tell your brother he is too

      • damer

        I know them…not fake at all. Dear friends of mine, ya all don’t like don’t watch that simple. Grow up. Who has the time or energy to start a site like this anyways.

  92. bara


  93. Shannon

    Listen, I will tell you what real women want to see on television. We want to see a hot guy that looks like Harrison Ford when he was Indiana Jones. We want to see hot guys on a real expedition, with something to bring to the table of interesting value that even the guys will want to watch, with just a little bonus for the ladies. 😉

  94. K bear

    I just watched the latest episode. Scott is I’m the US, George buys gold to flip. George has 3 pieces of gold shaped like coins, which he sells for cash.
    The photo at the top of this Blog shows Scott and George holding the 3 coin shaped pieces of gold.
    Hmmm, Scott was in the US.
    Explain that one.

    • Devils

      all the gold comes from the miners the same. Its poured into small ovals before its taken to the refiners. The picture up top was taken about 2 years ago.

  95. cpt. Steve Seagull

    They are born in Ghana!

  96. K bear

    It took years until the 3 Stooges were recognized for their comedic genius.
    Unfortunately, “The 2 Stooges” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  97. SwoRNLeaDejZ

    All you need to see to know it’s fake? Scenes of the dudes houses in Utah. They are a million dollars in debt and they gave these big houses with stainless steel appliances and granite counters? Are you kidding? Broke people live in apartments and shit holes, not big beautiful houses. Furthermore the guys are like ridiculously good looking.. Fake as all hell.. Todd Hoffman.. Thats one ugly son of a bitch… Thats what a gold miner looks like. Fat and ugly.

    • Devils

      Your right, fat and ugly. Maybe the guy who runs this blog should nominate his mom.

  98. Devils

    Then you should thank Scott and George because they brought you closer to your goal fame and glory than any of your fuck-tard youtube videos ever will.

  99. Total crap to say the least. After I watched the P.O.S. show street outlaws, I wrote a letter to complain about the street racing and how if attracts young drivers to think its OK to race on the street. I actually got a response back from Discovery Channel. Write letters, complain about the crap they are now airing,and “hopefully” Discovery channel will see that they are losing viewers by the thousands

  100. Jim

    No way anyone can be a dumb as the guys on that show….and still be mining. Hoffman & Co. are just comical but they get gold, these 2 guys get nothing but corn holed and still haven’t found shit. Nice try Discovery, but it’s not worth the time….rather watch Porter Ridge or friggin Tickle!!!

  101. steeviewil

    Those two jokers couldn’t find gold in Fortaits a show that I love to hate that firs was the worst singer eve was ththat first robbery scene was the worst acting I’ve ever seen a corpse has more personality then Scott and George get in get fooled and get out the two biggest fools on television

  102. William goesinya

    Scott and George of the jungle are as dumb as they are plagued with incompetence. I hope the local spear chuckers take all their CDs and gang rape them and run there corpses over with their trammel.

  103. nathan

    “devils” you really Scott’s brother? Why aren’t you on the show.. pussy

  104. william duell

    I think you guys are just pissed that your not there! Is this what you do on Friday nights!? I bet you all voted for Obama too !

  105. william duell

    All shows are scripted people! Otherwise we would not watch them. I have watched deadliest catch religiously since it started . It’s scripted! But I still watch it because its entertaining. Lighten up!

  106. Billy Boy

    Totally fake. You don’t take a huge film crew into Ghana or any foreign country without all sorts of permits and oversight. The government where they were every minute. Nothing worse for publicity than a bunch of white dudes getting chopped up in your country.

    • Billy Boy

      Ha! Most Wanted in Ghana and not one cop stationed at the country’s only airport on the lookout for a dozen palefaces. Yeah, right.

  107. Im sorry but one last thing, I just stumbled onto this site, Is this Ryan from some reality show? Ryan Digg?

  108. Billy Boy

    Whole last show was a total rip off of the Argo script.

  109. Brian1jetfan

    Tell me that season 2 final episode was fake!

  110. ok looks like it was real except the end this was from the Ghana news, if you want to check it, the link is below, but Ghana outlawed foreign miners in 2006, why would they let them do this? Thet went there but the ending and all the added on stuff is bullshit, try to look from the Ghana news, don’t listen to assholes that just search on the American internet,

    The reality TV show, entitled Jungle Gold and aired on DSTV’s Discovery Channel, showed cameras following two Americans in search of gold close to the Birim River, even though mining is prohibited at least 100 metres close to Ghana’s water bodies.

    Illegal foreign miners have a rather sneaky way of entering the small-scale industry. It takes only seeing the chief of the mining area and paying the lease to him to get mining concessions which, otherwise, are prohibited by the law.

    Section 83 of the Minerals and Mining Act , Act 703 , 2006 states clearly that foreigners cannot engage in small-scale mining


  111. Matt

    I lived in Ghana for 8 months. People there are amazingly nice. This show is absolute bullshit. They were walking around Accra where I lived and worked installing telecom equipment all over that city and surrounding areas, and I did not recognize any of it. Nothing at all. It’s unbelievably take. And they wouldn’t put on the news that they were looking to arrest them. Because the police would want a bribe a d let them go. Also the last thing Ghanaians want is to look bad in the eyes of Americans so that would never happen. They are proud people and yes there are many dangers there but it’s not Nigeria people. It could be way worse. Stupid.

  112. Insidious Banana

    Of course it’s fake, and there is absolutely no mention of George Wright or Scott Lomu in the Ghanaian Times newspaper over the past 2 years whatsoever, not as miners or wanted criminals (which they were supposedly in the last episode). The show is as fake as that documentary that Discovery made about mermaids being real. It’s sad that there is nothing but this kind of crap on Discovery Channel now instead of anything remotely informative or educational.

  113. they were in Ghana fiming but its like a cheap ass version of argo. I hate discovery with the amish mafia and this stuff, discovery used to be for learning but since deadliest catch, when they started making money, learning and discovery went out the window with their morals. .

  114. Scott

    Yeah so they choke someone out on the how for nothing????? All the people were in on this get real man did you see the dudes face that got choke out wow yeah that she looked fake

  115. brutus

    No one is saying deadliest catch or gold rush are fake, we are all saying jungle gold is fake. I don’t know what is more stupid, jungle gold or you for defending a show that isn’t even the same subject matter as the fake show the rest of us are blogging about.

  116. Myles

    Check out this website. Scott and George answer a lot of questions here even some accusing the show of being fake. You can call this fake to but what do you know? Your entitled to your opinion as am I so I’m going to say this. All of you who think the show is fake need to base your accusations off of something solid. The show is NOT scripted and they say that themselves. Sure a couple things they have to say over again because the cameras didn’t catch it or they weren’t clear enough but that doesn’t count as scripted. The way I see it these are just 2 normal guys with extremely bad luck and dramatic lives who are trying to get out of debt for their families back home and they just want to film their experiences. I respect them for what they’re doing becsuse it takes some pretty big balls to go back to Ghana over and over again with all of the potential dangers they go through. Thats my opinion. Respect it.

  117. mer

    I ended up watching this finale episode tonight and I had to wonder if things were made up a bit. I don’t normally watch the show but my husband does so I have no previous knowledge of the show. I feel like between the helicopter, hotel, 16 checkpoints, city rushhour, and the airport there were wayyyyy too many factors working against them for not one domino to fall. People are unpredictable and not a SINGLE person seemed surprised to see a seven car convoy of people traveling together?! Nor did the valet seem surprised seeing people fleeing the exit door (with an alarm) or coming out in a group from 1 hotel room? Fishy

    • Devils

      The brown haired guy is my brother and he answers a lot of those questions on the Jungle Gold facebook page. A lot of crazy stuff happened to them so it does seem fake. Tons of people have questions about it and they try to answer as many as they can.

      • Why don’t u post your real name?

      • Be a dear and Go fuck your brother and get off my blog. Thx bud

      • Devils

        getting mad Dig? lol

      • Not really, u just creep me out weirdo.

      • Devils

        lol, right. Anyway, shows over so no need to defend it anymore. Its my bro so I gotta have his back. Maybe ill check in with you after season 3 airs. Good luck with your kick ass youtube videos and with your reality show dreams. Your going to need it. Real quick, you asked about my real name? Why, you trying to find me? Trust me tough guy, you don’t want that. Cheers Dig!

      • I didn’t even know it was still on.

    • George's Dad

      This show is so real. Ill bet my first born kid on this!!!!!

  118. peter J

    george is gay

  119. Yes it’s fake, but its still about gold and entertaining, so if you don’t like it don’t watch it azzwholez haha.. 8==>~

  120. Gold Digger

    The entire country is looking for them and nobody thinks to flag their passports! Bull$#!t!!!!!

  121. someguy

    This show is about as real as real husbands od hollywood

  122. Rob

    wow… what a dumb ass you are lol

  123. Bukowski

    Devils…you’re a douchebag. I live in Phoenix ,come see me.

  124. Sheri LaCross

    This is where I get confused…if they’re SO in debt…why not take the money that dear old father-in-law so kindly shells out & throw it at some of those bills of yours?? Makes a little more sense to me than tossing all away on some “gold mining” that’s not even going to “pan” out…PUN INTENDED!!

  125. George

    Next up on Discovery – Vampire Gold Miners of Peru.

    • hueybomb

      That’s hilarious..vampire gold LOL i wouldn’t put it past discovery to steal ur idea and run with it

  126. junglequeer

    They due have outstanding warrents that are legit on the guinea website for lligal mining.. its way over dramatized though.

  127. Whyldchkn

    trying learning something before nonsense.
    Government not following its own rules or make unofficial changes doesn’t mean much.
    Because some individual or group of individuals all of the sudden decree now it’s illegal for everyone to be any religion other than theirs or illegal to say wear a white hat because black hats are the only cool thing (jokes) doesn’t make a premise illegal
    try checking established law. This nonsense is like saying Joe Biden decides it’s Tuesday so now anyone named Palin is a war criminal makes a legal law not soo much.
    Yes I do agree it’s scripted and much is set up and liberties taken still it’s, for me, interesting to watch the general landscapes and general happenings with a little soap opera thrown in (hate soap operas and don’t watch, hate derived from when they are what’s on when I am somewhere and can’t or have non right to change channel (like fox news)
    I also really enjoyed irt most dangerous, the most dangerous version from BBC where to comedians are given a car and must drive… BBC much more real and fun yet the irt still fun because the scenery of roads and countryside.
    For your heads up on taking money out of Ghana by say mining for gold by foreigners.

    or, say, search Google for Ghana laws

  128. bzgearhead

    These two idiots are the fakest assholes I have EVER seen!! It dumbfounds me how these stooges got a tv show!! I was sooooo hopeing the Ghana ministry would have found these two jokes before they got out of the country…THEN it would have been a show I would have watched!!

    • Mike

      Mitch burton is the biggest fucking con artist general contractor to hit Utah, he bills his clients for material that went into his personal home. He screwed over the owner of vivent so bad that he was fired before 4 way inspection. Anything Mitch is involved in is going to be crooked, against the law and dishonest, this fat ass piece of shit needs to go to jail. Fuck you Mitch burton

  129. gary

    Gold miner,

    Are you seriously expecting anyone in the mining industry to believe investors would fund two bumbling dummies who NRVER extract enough color to even pay for your lunch? Anyone with half a brain would experience more success than you two. Your investors are also unbelievable. Also, some of the blogs are a bit childish. Good luck on your next scam. There will AIWAYS be takers !

    • jimmy

      I like the part where they got the Huge nugget…the biggest they had ever seen!!! A match head size piece of gold is not a nugget. It looked totally refined to me too. Way to shiny.

      • gary

        If that was the biggest nugget they had ever seen it is proof positive they know NOTHING about gold mining and have NO experience. I am amazed Discovery would ever allow that to be part of the show. Who ever edits their material is as stupid and the two dummies.

  130. jimmy

    It had great potential. Was a scripted scam from the start. Sad really.

  131. robin

    I searched for jugle gold Sucks !! and was redirected to this website! 🙂

  132. michael

    proof that that guy is an actor


  133. scott t

    Jungle gold season 2 episode 1…. LoL
    What a joke…. They owed former bussiness partners $180,000 or some other fictitious number
    Then went to collect escavators (x2) with low loaders

    One of the trailers( important note: had ramps pulled by a red tractor unit) this sheared off a wheel at the axel
    & Was sent away
    Second trailer pulled by white tractor had no ramps so only one digger could be taken…. So they use the digger bucket to pull it onto intact trailer …then drive away
    Next scene theres a road block africans demanding money to pass… Oh look there back in the red truck with a magically fixed trailer with ramps WTF???

    • Todd hoffman

      Disco just announced last week April 6, 2014 it has cancelled these two morons show….👍👍👍👍

  134. craig

    WHO GOES TO A $35,000 DEAL WITH PEOPLE THEY KNOW ARE “SHADY” WITHOUT A GUN!!! Hahahahahahahahah! Police vehicle or not, they’re in the equivalent of the wild west! They DESERVED to get robbed! Everyone in that country has a gun, and they show up un-armed? Completely stupid. They deserved to get taken for their $35k! HAS TO BE FAKE OR THEY’RE just retarded!!! I dont feel bad if it was real…I wouldve kept my gold, because I would’ve shot back…..not ran like a little girl!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  135. Rahim

    Wow. I was thinking that its fake also. I mean they are so in debt but how could they survive after the first season? And how could they have so much bad luck? Also they must be making quite a bit of money by doing this show that must at least cover the costs of many of their bills. Its as if the show is now their main source of income and the gold is just a bonus. The more they fail the more interesting it is.

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