Stand up paddle boarder has pet shark

Eric Steves of Pasedena, CA has been paddle boarding with his pet shark for 3 years now. “Wally is my pet, he goes everywhere with me in the bay, yesterday I had some punk surfers cutting my waves off. After about the 5th time I sicked Wally on one of them and he removed the gentlemans leg”. 

Mr. Steves is now awaiting trial on first degree assult charges, due to the incident.    

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Seagull decapitates fisherman

On April 23, 2009 Bob Wilson was fishing for marlin of the coast of Florida. This picture was taken a split second before an angry seagull removed his head. Witnesses said “the bird had been harassing us all day, trying to eat our bait. Then out of nowhere, he flew at Bob at 100mph and ripped his head clean off”! To make matters worse, the boat had engine trouble, and the crew was stranded 5 miles from land. After a week of no rescue the ran out of food. The tried to use Mr.Wilsons body parts as bait, but it did not work. Eventually they resorted to canniblism and consumed Bob’s body. They were rescued 3 weeks later.  

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Massive squirrel spotted on Florida golf coarse

The picture doesn’t represent the size, but this squirrel was 5 feet long!!!! Unfortunately, some shit head shot it with an arrow and now it’s dead. I find it amazing how fucked up people are. The local residents are furious. “This was the neirborhood pet, he was beautiful. Our children, and all the children in the neighborhood would feed “Rex”, he was harmless and gentle”. Said Angie Wilcox.

Wilcox also stated “Mr. Green thought it was eating all his bird seed, so he shot and killed it in front of 15 children”! 

My opinion……humans suck!  

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Viatnemese airline boast bikini clad stewardess ❤️❤️

Next time you visit Viatnam, I’d recommend “Bikini Air”!! The views are breathtaking.  

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Meteorite that killed a cow up for auction

On April 20th, 2016, 76 meteorites go up for auction at Christie’s London, including the only space rock to ever verifiably kill an Earth mammal. What are the details? Is it worth the estimated sale price? What can one get at the auction for a million dollars?The killer space rock is the so-called Valera meteorite, named for the city in the Trujillo State of Venezuela where, on October 15th, 1972, it killed a cow in the only documented instance of an Earth mammal meeting its demise as a result of getting hit directly by a meteorite. Farm workers heard a sonic boom that night, then found the rock buried into the ground next to a cow dead from a “pulverized” crushed neck and collarbone. The farm’s owner, physician Argimiro Gonzalez, confirmed the death-by-meteorite, had the cow butchered for dinner and used the space rock for a number of years as a doorstop.

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Lab grown skin grows hair/ gentleman sews his hand into his guts

Fake hair, fake skin=one step closer to robotic apocalypse.  
In other news, this dude had his hand de-gloved at work. So the lovely doctors of Brazil stuffed his hand in his guts. Now he can feel his food transform into feces.

Dude had his hand sewed into his guts

So this guy got his hand “de-gloved” in a work accident. The injury made it impossible to simply sew up. So the doctors in lovely Brazil just stuffed his hand in his belly and called it good. Hopefully he’ll heal up soon, but not before he gets to feel his food transform into feces.   

Bob Lazar For President

I don’t know bout y’all but ol Bob’s getting my vote!!! 

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Video of asteroid hitting Jupiter

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Builders want to build Mars in Las Vegas!!

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